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A wonderful 15-day trip, that reaches all the most representative destinations in the coastal and Andean area in the north and south of Peru. We are going to visit Lima, a showcase city for the new political and economic course of Peru, of deep contrasts, where, in the historic center, you can still admire what remains of the old colonial splendor; We will continue with the Virreynal city of Trujillo, the archaeological zone of Chan Chan, the Huaca del Brujo, with the excursion to Huanchaco to appreciate the reed rafts. The trip will continue along the North Pan-American Highway, with a suggestive journey until reaching Chiclayo, the city of Pre-Inca Lords due to the discoveries of royal tombs, which you will be able to appreciate with the majesty, for its gold relics and costumes made with the same metal We will immediately reach the city of Piura through a journey through the desert. City of eternal heat, magic and charm, to take a City tour, heading to Catacaos where it seems that time has stopped, where you can see expert goldsmiths in silver and gold, their customs of the Tallanes, preinka inhabitants, the development of their drink that they called the elixer of life -the chicha jora.- Likewise the ruins of Narihuala, left by the Tallanes, also the Simbila potters. Then we will go to another city of Piura to the city of Ayabaca, located 5 hours away, important for its archaeological remains of AYPATE, where mystical activities are also developed with the Shamans. It also has a wonderful fauna and impressive flora very pleasant for the eyes of people. Then we will return to Piura to reach the magical Cuzco by plane by plane and we will make many excursions in the surroundings: Machu Picchu, cradle of the great empire of the Incas, and some imposing archaeological sites such as the ruins of Ollantaytambo, the same city of Cusco, to then go to the city of Puno unique in the world where it houses characters from autochthonous cultures such as the Uros, and its impressive lake called Titicaca. This program of visits is balanced and very varied from the climatic, landscape and cultural point of view, but it does carry some initial acclimatization problem, due to the height of some of the cities to visit

Description __ __________-

DAY 1 _____________________________LIMA

LIMA Arrival in Lima at 04:30 hours. After clearance of customs procedures, transfer to the hotel. Time for rest. Free lunch. In the afternoon, departure to visit the historic center to admire what remains of the old colonial splendor, particularly the Plaza de Armas, with the Cathedral where the tomb of the "Conqueror" Francisco Pizarro is located. Stop at the Museum of Ceramics. At the end I return to the hotel. Food and overnight.

DAY 2 _____________________________TRUJILLO

Breakfast and departure to Trujillo. A journey to the north of Peru will begin, passing through the cities of Huarmey, Casma, chimbote, Pacasmayo, transfer in pullman lasts about 7 hours. Free lunch. Installation in Hotel In the afternoon start of the visit Visit to the Historic Center of Trujillo, dinner and overnight

DAY 3 _____________________________TRUJILLO

Breakfast, Visit to the Huaca Arco Iris and the City of Chan Chan Lunch, visit to Huanchaco beach and Trip to Chiclayo. Overnight in Chiclayo

DAY 4 _____________________________ CHICLAYO

Breakfast, panoramic visit along the Paseo de Las Musas and on the way to the City of Lambayeque, to visit the Royal Tombs of Sipán Museum and the Mochica villages where you can buy handicrafts and taste typical dishes and chicha served in jars. Lunch in Lambayeque. Departure to the Piura Region Overnight in Piura

DAY 5 ______________________________ PIURA

Breakfast, visit to the Town of Catacaos to see its Plaza Mayor and its artisan fair with beautiful filigree works, ceramics, etc. Lunch, and return to the city of Piura to see its historic center: the Plaza Mayor, the Cathedral, the Monument to the National Hero Miguel Grau. and other attractions of this growing city Overnight in Piura

DAY 6______________________________AYABACA

6.00am Travel to Ayabaca in private mobility arrival at the hotel, panoramic tour of the center of Ayabaca, lunch. And transfer to Petroglyphs of Samanga - collide - 45 km. de Ayabaca.- It constitutes the largest complex of Petroglyphs ideographic writing on large stones with features of the Chavín culture. Horseback or bicycle ride for the remainder of the afternoon (if available). At night you will taste your typical drinks. Overnight.

DAY 7  ______________________________AYABACA

Transfers: Thermal Baths of Chocán.- From stones embedded in the rocks, crystalline water gushes out, which in the early hours of the day remains hot and as the sun appears it cools Breakfast,. Refreshment Ruinas de Aypate.- Main tourist attraction of pre-Columbian origin, archaeological monument has been considered as the MacchuPicchu del Norte for the material used, as well as for the disposition of its constructions 5pm Return to Piura. Overnight

DAY 8 ________________________________CUSCO

Return to Lima by plane with a stopover in Lima approximately 1pm arrival in Cusco. HRS Arrival in Cusco, reception and transfer to your hotel. Personal hygiene, rest -Lunch. In the afternoon excursion through the city, visiting the temple of the Korikancha or "Temple of the Sun", the Cathedral, we continue with the visit to the nearby ruins of TAMBOMACHAY "The sources of the Inca"; PUCA PUCARA "the red fortress"; KENKO "Religious Center" and finally SACSAYHUAMAN. Overnight.

DAY 9 Sacred Valley of the Incas (Pisac - Ollantaytambo) - FULL DAY Excursion
06:30 HRS Breakfast Departure to the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Become one of the most important tourist centers in the country. In addition to having an unrivaled historical wealth -expressed in a multitude of archaeological remains and colonial monuments scattered throughout the valley-, The Sacred Valley is also home to two of the most important artisan markets in Cusco: Písac and Chinchero. typical and colorful PISAC market (available only on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday) Lunch in a country place, and then continue with the visit to the fortress of Ollantaytambo Stone Town The town of Ollantaytambo is laid out in a grid with streets that open in the direction of the Urubamba River. It has an excellent museum on site that is worth visiting. The Andean Center for Traditional Technology and Culture of the Communities of Ollantaytambo (Catcco), presents the history of the region in a didactic and modern way. The five rooms of the museum, arranged on the second floor of an old house, which was previously an Inca court, allow the visitor to learn more about the archeology, architecture, history, crafts and beliefs of the inhabitants of Ollantaytambo In the afternoon, return to Cusco.

DAY 10 _________________________________CUSCO / MACHUPICCHU

07: 00HRS Transfer to the station to board the train to the lost city of the Incas. Guided visit to the enigmatic and magnificent citadel of Machupicchu. Then we will have free time to visit Machupicchu on our own. In the afternoon return to Cusco by train, arrival and transfer to the hotel.

DAY 11  _________________________________ CUSCO TO PUNO

Breakfast, walks through the city center, museums and convents (income from own account) Lunch 15:00 HRS Transfer BY BUS TO PUNO Installation in hotel in Puno overnight

DAY 12 __________________________________PUNO / TEQUILE

Breakfast visit to - In the morning, excursion to the Uros Islands: departure from the Puno dock for the lake excursion to the floating islands, made of reeds, inhabited by the Uros. The Uros live in huts built on cattail platforms, which do not exceed 30 to 40 cm. thick. Includes transfers to and from the Hotel. We will continue to Taquile, a beautiful island with 550 steps, lunch included, and accommodation in islanders' houses. Taquile Island. Dinner included

DAY 13 __________________________________TEQUILE / CUSCO 

Breakfast in Taquile. Free morning to walk around the island and take beautiful photos of the sunrise. Lunch included. At 5 p.m. Return to Puno. Transfer to the hotel. 01 night of hotel accommodation

DAY 14 ___________________________________PUNO-DESAGUADERO-COPACABANA

Breakfast, transfer to Copacabana through the picturesque towns such as Chucuito, Platería, Acora, Ilave (toll unit), the detour. by road affirmed to Mazocruz, Juli, Pomata and Zepita, to finally reach Desaguadero, border with Bolivia. Shortly after Pomata there is the detour to Yunguyo (paved road), a town that borders the Bolivian city of Copacabana where we will have lunch and then return to Puno overnight.

DAY 15 ___________________________________CHULLPAS DE SILLUSTANI / LIMA

Breakfast, excursion to the Chullpas de Sillustani: these 13th century funeral towers rise 35 km from Puno, on the way to Juliaca. The tallest measures approximately 12 m. The wonderful landscapes and neighboring Lake Umayo make this tour a very special experience. transfer to Juliaca Airport. . ARRIVAL LIMA hours of the night. Overnight Lima.

DAY 16 ____________________________________END OF SERVICE

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For Peru you need a valid passport at least 6 months after the date of entry into the country. Note: the itinerary and visits may vary due to force majeure situations such as political or climatic events, limitations imposed without prior notice by local authorities, cancellation of flights and strikes in the means of transport. Faced with these events, the best way will be to maintain the program and guarantee the level of services. Please request reservations at least one month in advance.


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