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The Tawantinsuyo's Great Festivity

The sun, Inca civilization's principal god, you were considered like the creator of all what's existent. You presided at the man's destinies and the universe. The star is the Incas' king, the celebration but fabulous she was dedicated and made in Cusco.
It was adored and you offered sacrifices in the sunlight, in order to avoid that you not leave his lands and to his very children in this place, invoking that you give back your heat and Joy.
That way the celebration of the sun is born in the Qoricancha, (the sun's temple) and the Huacaypata is transferred ( place of crying, Parade Ground ).

The Tawantinsuyo's Sovereign Inca presides at the celebration with the sacrifice of a flame. The Willaq Uma (I add up priest) I will have this animal's body and it looks at strange visors and announces the future events. Immediately concentrate the sun's rays, they are drunk by the virgin one belonging to the Sun before the coming of next year. While thousands of congregation come from the four of his, with fervor and gathering.

They accompany with canticles and you dance at call and make an offering to your god; And the Inca princesses offer their sacred bread and maize liquor which you start the Inca on the oblation in the sunlight, imploring prosperity, solidarity, wisdom, and the best agriculture for your town.

Detailed Itinerary: June 24 2008

The IntiRaymi (Festivity of the Sun) Festivity of the imposing ritual of the sun at Sacsayhuaman's esplanade where you will be able to appreciate impressive scenes of Inca nature.

8:30 am, I pick up the Sun's principal temple to the Qoricancha of the hotel place where you begin the staging of the party, it is said that the gold garden found itself in this temple, the first rituals of the cult sold off the Apu Inti and Pachamama themselves here where abundant oblations were buried.
Long walk to: The bigger main scare the ancient Huacaypata, in time of the Inca at the immense plaza was developing this ceremony in between the great ushnu entirely ceremonial platform.
The Inca and your Real cut deposit for the street intikijllu.

13:00 pm, principal staging at the sacred plaza Sacsayhuaman with a duration of 90 minutes where they celebrate the rites of the new, coca fire, the oblations of the four of his and the prediction of the future times, between others, once the staging was finished takes place dried to the presentation of autochthonous dances of the four regions and invited delegations.
16:00 pm, return to Cusco and I transfer the hotel.

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